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Why MiniHorseStreet?

The Other 'DIY' Guys

There are many budget website providers and social media sites to choose from but they leave you on your own to build your animal sales lists and the support can be frustrating.

Plus, they don't offer tools or designs geared specifically to the needs of livestock owners and farmers like you.

A website is more than just some pages and pictures about your farm. Your customers expect to see your detailed offerings or they'll go somewhere else.


MiniHorseStreet has custom-built tools that create finished, professional animal sales lists automatically as you input the information. And help is just a phone call away!

In addition to inputs for any kind of animal, MiniHorseStreet offers integrated herd health software for easily recording your animals' health records.

Plus, MiniHorseStreet plans include website hosting, email, domain setup, and helpful, US-based phone support, all rolled into one easy, affordable package!

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Easy, professional, helpful

Animal sales lists and individual detail pages are created automatically with the information you enter!

You'll be amazed how quickly your profile or farm website is up and running and how great it looks without being a hassle. Now you'll have a place to send your customers, link posts on Facebook, or show off your animals on your phone!

And if you don't know how to do something, just pick up the phone and call us - real people, no annoying phone options, and helpfulness you don't get with the other guys!

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Customers expect to find you online

A website from MiniHorseStreet will get you found in online searches!

Even if you don't have a lot to post online, customers will look you up to make sure you exist and are legit. You can't afford to NOT be found online.

But that doesn't mean you have to spend a lot of money, get frustrated, spend hours at the computer, or deal with indifferent technical support.

We have spent years serving livestock ranchers and building the best tools available to make your farm's marketing easier. Give us a try!

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First impressions last

Your website needs to reflect the best of your farm, online. (Photo: 101 Alpacas)

These days people research farms online first before visiting them in person, so it's where they'll get their first impression of you.

So your online farm should be as polished and presentable as your physical farm. If people can't find you or they get a poor first impression, it's easy to lose customers to someone else who looks better and has more to offer.

MiniHorseStreet makes it easy to establish a professional, appealing web presence for your farm, maximizing your online exposure, and potential for sales, without the struggle many experience.

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