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Macedo's Mini Acre

Fiber and Fun

11175 Golf Link RoadTurlock, CA 95380

Variety !

From beautiful yarns and finished garments to rovings, rugs, felted ornaments and hats!

About Our Store

We strive to use all of the fiber in some fashion or other. Use our alpaca basket liners for your hanging baskets - and let the birds line their nests with bits from it, too.

The ranch store is set up with a wide variety of items - raw fleece and rovings, yarns (commercial spun and hand spun) and finished products.

Wholesale dryer ball pricing (orders of 30 or more) is $3 per ball plus shipping.

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Shipping at Postal Service rates... We also accept Pay Pal, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.

Dryer balls

Hats, felted or knit
wine sweaters