The easy way.

  • Website designs, hosting, and email included
  • Updates automatically from your MiniHorseStreet account with MultiSyncTM!
  • Choose from stunning designs or customize1
  • List your Miniature Horses AND other kinds of animals!
  • Online store with cart and PayPal checkout
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Use your own domain2
  • All included with your MiniHorseStreet
    paid membership

"Our customers are always telling us how much they like our website and that it's always up-to-date."

— Renee Ritenour
Alpaca Palace, LLC
Butler, PA

Websites Basics

Not clear on what a website is, why you need one, or how to get started? Read this helpful guide on the basics you need for a functioning website.

Have questions?

Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to discuss your website needs and answer your questions.

Your own website. Synced with MiniHorseStreet.

Successful farms have their own websites. However, getting your own website up and running has typically involved high costs, slow development, and time-consuming editing—or paying a hard-to-reach web person to do it for you.

With MultiSyncTM, everything you upload to MiniHorseStreet using our easy editing system automatically syncs to your website. So all you have to do is pick a design and updates take care of themselves!

I'm on MiniHorseStreet - why do I need my own website? is a community marketplace that generates much more site traffic than an individual farm website. So it's a great place to get nationwide exposure for your farm and animals. However, sending your customers to your own website will give them a more personal, branded experience, making them more likely to do regular business with you and less likely to browse away to a competitor.

With you get both: Unparalleled nationwide industry exposure AND your own farm website, all edited conveniently in one place for one affordable price.

Miniature Horses and more...

Many farms raise more than one kind of animal and want to be able to sell their other animals on their website. With your MiniHorseStreet account you can list any kind of animal and they'll show up with their own sales list on your website! It's a single solution to market your diversified breeding programs.

Online store with Paypal checkout

In addition to animal sales, you can also sell your farm products and services right from your website with an included online store, shopping cart, and Paypal checkout. Customers can purchase products right from your website using their credit card

Unlimited pages

Visitors will be more likely to do business with you if you demonstrate your expertise and passion for what you do. Add unlimited informational web pages, blogs, and articles to engage your visitors and turn them into customers!

Unlimited photo albums

They say "a picture is worth a 1000 words." And it's true! You can add a whole folder of photos at once and stunning photo albums are automatically created to win the hearts of your visitors - online, at a show, or in your farm store!

Customize your menus

Easily edit your main website navigation menus to be just the way you want them. Add and move main tabs, add sub-menus, and link to whatever you want - pages on your site, pages on other sites, pdfs or other documents, etc.

Fast, Easy, Affordable

You'll be pleasantly surprised with how easy, quick, and affordable having your own professional website can be. Just upgrade to a paid membership and everything you need to get started is included! Don't let customers pass you by, get your new website going today!

1 Customization design fees apply. View Designs & Customization page for more info.
2 Registration fee applies for new domain registrations. Contact MiniHorseStreet Support for current fees charged.


How do I go about building my website?

You don't have to! Because you have already uploaded your farm and sales information to MiniHorseStreet, when you upgrade your membership, your website is automatically built with the information you've already uploaded. All you need to do is enter a website address, choose from our free designs, and you're up and running!

How do I edit my website?

You don't need to! Just edit everything in your MiniHorseStreet account and both your pages and your website pages will update at the same time! This means you can be marketing on two important websites with just one set of edits.

Can I customize my menus?

Yes. Your main navigation menu tabs and sub-menus can be customized using our easy navigation edit tool. You can add/remove/move tabs, add sub-menus and link to pages on your site, on another site, a pdf or any kind of document or online resource.

Can I my website design be customized?

If none of our free, included designs work for your farm and you're looking for a unique, custom look to your website, we can design a custom template just for you. Please contact MiniHorseStreet Support for details and customization pricing.

Will you host my website?

Yes. Your website will be hosted on our cloud servers with the highest uptimes and multiple layers of redundancy. There is no extra charge for hosting - it's all included in your paid membership plan.

Do you provide email accounts as well?

Yes. Your paid membership includes email accounts with 1GB of storage and messages can be up to 50MB!. Email can be accessed via a fully-featured webmail interface, downloaded to an email program such as Microsoft Outlook, or viewed on your mobile device.

Can I use the website address I already own?

Yes. Your own website address (i.e. can be made to work with your website. You may also point additional domains to your website.

You can also use your MiniHorseStreet Personalized URL (i.e. While this is not as ideal or as personalized, it requires no domain registration or setup. Just type the name you want on the Website Settings page in your account and your address will instantly work.

I don't have my own website address - can you register one for me?

Yes. We offer domain registration services (registration fee applies). We can check to see if the name you want is available for registration. Contact MiniHorseStreet Support for more information.

How do I edit my website and add pages?

Your website is all managed through your MiniHorseStreet account so that when you make edits or add a page, your MiniHorseStreet profile and your website update simultaneously. We provide easy tools for adding new pages, uploading photos, and page templates to make layout simple.

How will my website be found in search engines?

Our websites are highly optimized for search engines 'out of the box.' This allows search engines to effectively index your site and give excellent rankings for keywords that relate to your site's content, your farm location, etc. Certain pages allow "meta" tags to be customized, for those with SEO experience.

Is there a way to track site traffic to my website?

Yes. Our websites come pre-wired for Google Analytics tracking. Just sign up for a free Google Analytics account where you will be provided with a unique ID code for your site. Just enter this code into the appropriate box on the Website Settings page in your account, and you'll be able to instantly start tracking traffic to your site through your Google Analytics account.

Can I add links to my social sites?

Yes. Just enter your social sites using our easy Social Icons tool on the Website Settings page and the corresponding linked icons will automatically appear on your website, letting visitors click through to your social sites.

How does the store work?

Setting up your online store takes only a few clicks. As you add products and services, you can specify what payment method you want to offer - with PayPal checkout, by phone, or by redirecting people to another web page. For PayPal payment, just enter your PayPal email address and the payment button will be automatically added to your product listing.

Can my store customers pay with a credit card?

Yes. Online payments are handled by PayPal checkout. PayPal is a global standard for online payments, is highly secure, and can be directly linked to your bank account. Customers can pay using all major credit cards and don't need to have their own Paypal account. All you need to do is have a PayPal account and then simply enter the email address associated with your PayPal account on your product pages. We take care of the rest.

Can't I get this cheaper with other companies?

Many companies offer cheap website hosting and many include website building tools. However, you're on your own to build your site and make time-consuming updates to the information. As a result, many farms have incomplete and out-of-date websites. This can be a big turn-off to potential customers.

MiniHorseStreet websites are different because they are automatically built and updated with what you upload to MiniHorseStreet. You get the benefit of marketing on MiniHorseStreet and with your own website but only have to manage your information in one place!